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The Birthmoon is an handcrafted pendant that shows the moon on the day of your birth. It shows the exact phase of the moon as you would have seen it in the sky on that special day. Although the most common requested date is a birth date, this pendant could hold any special date in your life: wedding, graduation, birth of a child or a grand-child.

The pendant is made of pewter and is magnetized (it contains a tiny magnet inside). Some say that it gives the pendant a positive glow on the person wearing it.

The moon on the pendant is luminescent and shines in the dark. The pendant gives you a nice moonglow. Also available is a pendant with a Austrian crystal attached to it representing your birth stone color: each month has a different color.

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Birth moon necklace

Birth moon

Large pewter pendant

Birth Moon

30,95 $

Birth stone necklace

Birth Stone

Regular pewter

Pendant + Birth stone

26,95 $

Silver necklace

Silver Birthmoon necklace

Birth moon

Silver jewel

30,95 $

Gold necklace

Gold birthmoon necklace

Birth moon

Gold jewel

32,95 $